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Why Sugar Is More Addictive Than Cocaine?

sugar is more addictive than cocaine

Who does not have a sweet tooth, no one probably? According to a new study it is found that sugar is highly addictive even cocaine falls second. There should be no surprise that sugar only provides calorie 99.4 to 99.7 with no minerals, vitamins, fats or even proteins. The carbohydrates …

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How Eliminating these two things can cure your adult acne?

What are adhd alternative treatment?

Eliminating just two things has saved Natalie Portman from persistent adult acne. Which does not include sugar? Then what it is.According to her interview published in a renowned magazine on August 28, the A-star actress revealed that she had battled blemishes as an adult.However, she added that converting to veganism …

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Get Glowing Skin in Just a Week – how?

glowing skin methos

Want glowing, wrinkle free J-Lo vampire skin? However, you are someone who has tried everything you read celebrities do to keep their skin healthy and glowing, but most of the time we find looking for one miracle better-skin pill that helps all our skin problems from cystic acne to pigmentation.According …

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Are You A Binge Watcher? Then You Are In Serious Trouble.

How Unhealthy Is Binge Watching

Binge watchers are 98% more likely to have sleep problems. Fan of Game of Thrones? Love watching the complete season on your Netflix with Repeats, you might be in serious trouble. New research published in the Journal Of Clinical Sleep Medicine is the first to highlight sleep problems in people …

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Schizophrenia Vs Depression

Schizophrenia Vs Depression

What is schizophrenia? Like most mental disorders schizophrenia is a severe mental disorder that causes range of different psychological symptoms.Doctors consider it as one of the most disabling mental diseases that can be life-long and often have negative symptoms.Doctors also refer schizophrenia as a type of psychosis, which means the …

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3 Ways To Instantly Relieve Pain And Reduce Stress

Relieve Pain And Reduce Stress

How To Instantly Relieve Pain And Reduce Stress? Are you feeling that daily stress is killing you, making simple things complicated, such as going on time to work becomes really frustrated, if this is something true then you might be suffering with chronic stress. However, stress itself is not very …

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How Can Develop Food Allergies [Food Allergy Research]

Most of us may have been suffering from a peanut allergy or become intolerant to gluten or lactose for no apparent reason.This sudden spike in developing food allergies made scientists dig deeper into what is causing allergies. “Can people develop food allergies at any age?” Yes, according to a recent …

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6 Snacks For Beating Belly Bloat & Get Flat Belly In a Week

Flatten Your Belly with simple snacks

Going for a body-hugging suit this Saturday, but what you do with the annoying bloated belly?  Even when you are exercising regularly, but that sluggish belly has no mood to move away even an inch, would you cancel the plan? No, instead eat these simple snacks recommended by nutritionists to …

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How One Fruit Can Shut Down The Big Pharma’s

Guanabana anti-depressants

Guanabana is a magical plant with many health benefits that can turn off big pharma’s and remove their so-called cure drugs from the market.This fruit is hidden from common people and big pharma’s, but it has some serious anti-cancerous properties that people should know more about this fruit.Guanabana has 10,000 …

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How Macdonald is changing the way we eat our food?

How-Macdonald-is-changing-th- way-we-eat-our-food

Macdonald is turning its Big cheese Mac into some fabulous giveaways, such as, sweat suits, flip flops, and other interesting items for those who deliveries with UberEats. The Package is called “MacDelivery Collection.”Fast food-themed swag is a globally famous marketing stunt, that is successfully introduced by other food chains. Pizza …

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Natural Remedy to Cure Painful Menstrual Cramps

Painful Menstrual Cramps

When everything is going smooth, mother nature’s vicious plan just disrupts with Aunty flow to knock at your door and make sure that next five days of the month are full of painful cramps, mood swings, irritation and lot of pain. “‘Most of the girls would agree, dealing with periods …

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