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Why Sugar Is More Addictive Than Cocaine?

Who does not have a sweet tooth, no one probably? According to a new study it is found that sugar is highly addictive even cocaine falls second. There should be no surprise that sugar only provides calorie 99.4 to 99.7 with no minerals, vitamins, fats or even proteins. The carbohydrates in sugar only spike blood sugar causing an insulin response leading to a sugar crash, causing more sugar cravings

The worst thing about sugar is it causes heart disease, damage brain, learn how:

According to the American Heart Association cited that sugary drinks are responsible for 180,000 deaths worldwide. The U.S Center for Disease Control (CDC) show the average American gets about 13% of their daily calorie from added sugars.

Why some researchers believe sugar is treated as the “new drug”:

Sugar Sweet

Some researchers believe that sugar is

What are a substance-use disorder and its diverse effects on human health?

Our reward system is our body’s way to survive against all odds of life that is why it is crucial for the human body. When life gets us down or we face any problematic situation our brain starts working on a system which gets activated when we successfully deal with such a situation.

While excessive use of sugar or even drugs can hijack this system and employ harmful effects on human health.  This phenomenon is often categorized under substance-use disorder. This particular disorder leads to a variety of problems, including cravings. Despite having negative effects on health its user keeps using the substance. In case, the user wants and try to quit, but it’s impossible for them to tolerate the withdrawal.cocaine

It is true that sugary foods are now an essential part of our daily life. Although sugar is available in its natural form, its artificial counterparts are in access. And their excessive consumptions leads to health issues, including sheer indulgence in it which is hard to withdraw. That is why sugar addictions have effects similar to drugs addiction. That is why sugar often falls under substance-use disorder.

Why our routines are the prime cause of sugar addiction?

Our routine supports the excessive consumption of sugar. Our dopamine systems get activated when we see sweets. When we see sugary foods, we crave for it despite not being hungry. This means our attention is diverted towards chocolates and cakes leading to eating them again and again, making it really hard to quit eating sugary food and sugar worse than any drugs.


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