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Can Vyvanse Depression Drug Help Lose Weight?

Primarily, Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) is designed to treat ADHD and binge eating disorder. FDA approved this drug to treat binge eating disorder recently. However, this drug has been used to treat people with ADHD. However, many people started using this drug to curb their appetite, so, is it safe to use advance to lose weight?

Does this drug cause rapid weight gain?

Do people who take Vyvanse for depression get addicted to it?

According to FDA, the experts clearly states that Vyvanse is not designed to lose weight. It is primarily designed to treat binge eating episodes that may occur at some time. But it cannot help in weight loss. However, on the internet, the user queries are increasing on how advance depression can help them lose weight. Much medical and health blog has wrongly prescribed the drug as a weight loss drug. However, if the cause of your weight gain is binge eating, then this drug may help you by curbing down the binge eating disorder episodes and symptoms.

How to treat binge eating disorder using Vyvance depression drug?

Binge eating disorder or BED is a type of clinical disorder that has its symptoms and episodes. According to the American Psychiatric Association, a person suffering from the BED is someone who has repeated episodes of binge eating and then feels guilty or gets stressed about the episode. This can be different from normal binge eating associated with the menstrual cycle, or minor stress. The BED symptoms have to fulfill certain criteria to fall within the clinical guidelines.  However, in more simple words it is a disorder when a person eating too fast, feels out of control and often overeat to the point where he/she falls sick. The BED sufferers often feel guilt after each episode that takes them to another severe episode of stress.

vyvanse depression
vyvanse depression

If someone is suffering from BED symptoms, a person can take benefit from the Vyvanse drug, along with other medical or behavioral treatments. For a common person weight gain might come from many other factors that cannot be treated with Vyvanse depression drug.

Why advance is considered highly addictive and how it is commonly linked to weight loss?

Moreover, Vyvanse depression drug is a stimulant that may trigger weight loss in people with ADHD. Many People Do not know about ADHD. So Follows the Links for Further information, What is ADHD, What are the signs symptoms and treatments of ADHD.  Many people complain that when the stop taking Vyvanse, they immediately put on 10-15 lbs of weight which is now a serious issue. Especially women taking Vyvanse often take years out of the fear that their body which is looking very lean will immediately bounce back, and their bulges will again show up.

Especially in America, the side effects Vyvanse are coming more frequently, because many people who are not prescribed to this drug considering it to lose weight, again women are in higher number. Many experts claim that maybe this is the prime reason the Vyvanse drug is considered to be addictive. Because people who start taking it never want to leave, however, it is designed to stimulate in the body slowly, and unlike other depression drugs, human body takes more time to get used to it.

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