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Is ketamine Best Drug For Depression?

Depression is a type of disease that may have affected one-third of the population and soon become deadly due to its adverse effect on mental health. People with depression are usually treated with medicine as well as counseling. However, there are various types of depression that cannot be treated with conventional medicines like adrenal. ADHD and Bipolar Disorder are the types of Depression. But ketamine is emerging as the newest and safest drug to treat depression.

Although it is not yet approved by FDA, many doctors in the United States has started recommending it to the patients with acute symptoms of depression. (symptoms of bipolar disorder in men). According to the latest published study in the Harvard Review of Psychiatry that research on ketamine does not provide satisfactory answers, more in-depth research should be conducted.

However, some other researchers have started calling this drug “the most valuable discovery in half the century.”

And for some people with depression who have tried this drug, this is real.

Although the compound ketamine has the reputation of a party drug, it has been keenly studied as a rapid-fire treatment for depression. Especially, in people with depression who have suicidal thoughts that come without warning, ketamine is proved to be the best treatment.

The drug not only provides quick relief but help the patient to calm down easily, even to people who failed to respond to other drugs. Many experts are hopeful that they are on to a powerful discovery for a disease that has not seen a new treatment in nearly four decades.

ketamine Drug For Depression
ketamine Drug For Depression

How can ketamine be the newest medication for depression?

Physicians and psychiatrist have been using the same drug on people with depression for decades. But research suggests that antidepressants are helpful to many people with depression, they do not help everyone especially in people having suicidal thoughts. Moreover, these drugs come with plenty of side effects including weight gain, binge eating, less interest in sex, insomnia, and anxiety.

So doctors started thinking of a new treatment that has fewer side effects but helps in calming such severe symptoms of depression.

Some of them have found great relief in other drugs like ayahuasca and magic mushrooms, which appear to calm down depression symptoms by increasing the connectivity between segregated parts of the brain. However, these drugs are illegal and not many people are interested in having a complete psychedelic experience.

In order to combat such issues, several studies are published over the past few months suggesting that ketamine could be the latest as well as the safest entry in the list. And it might be the drug people are looking from centuries. Not only because it works fast, but it is completely legal.

In December 2016, a study conducted at Columbia University Medical on patients who are depressed and have frequent suicidal thoughts, the drug ketamine worked significantly better on curbing their suicidal thoughts than traditionally used sedative drugs.

Most patients showed a mood lift within 24 hours of the intake of the medicine. Meanwhile, in some patients, the affected lasted for 30 days.

All the researched conducted so far on ketamine stats that this can be the safest drug to treat depression and bring great relief for patients with depression. However, the research on ketamine is not sufficient, more efforts need to be made to make sure this drug does not cause any serious side effects.

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