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Suicide Counselling – Depression Medicine

To treat a person with suicidal thoughts, it is very important to recognize that this too is an extreme form of depression and it needs a complete treatment. The number of suicides is increasing, as more people are dying from suicide than any homicides and wars combined. In united states only, suicide is the 11th leading cause of death, with an average of one person attempting suicide every 38 seconds and one dying every 15 minutes. According to 70% of psychotherapist stats that they have at least one patient attempted suicide, while 28% report that they have at least one patient die by suicide.

Suicides always leave their strong impact on all classes of a population, for the general public it is a silent tragedy, for media it is a taboo, while for people in mental health it is the most disturbing occupational hazard that we least want to see in our profession.

Although it is impossible to prevent all the suicides, we can lessen the number of suicides by providing the right treatment and effective suicide counseling.

Why is suicide counseling not considered effective?

While treating people with suicidal thoughts, the first thing that is must is to alleviate the misconception about suicide. One of the biggest ones is that suicidal people cannot be helped because they want to die.  However, both the general population and mental therapists should know that this condition is always treatable and transient. Therapists should prepare themselves for working with such patients by learning the effective counseling techniques, and by assessing the patient at different levels. (Can Vyvanse Depression Drug Help Lose Weight).

Why do therapists need to be educated about suicides?

Unfortunately, when therapists are not equipped with proper technique to deal with the challenges of a suicidal patient, the patient often ends up being with different therapists without receiving optimal care and sometimes they don’t even receive basic care.

How can therapists prevent suicides and save lives?

Suicide Counselling
Serious man talking with psychologist during group therapy session

However, by understanding what is inside the person’s mind, recognizing warning signs, having a detailed decision tree for assessing and managing suicide risks and predicting most effective treatments, a therapist can easily prevent suicidal attempts. The second thing a therapist can do is to closely watch patients mind stats and actively giving him/her suicidal counseling to develop skills that are needed to create and sustain a life worth living.

Moreover, there are different communities that are working to help patients with extreme suicidal thoughts, a therapist can involve his/her patients in them.

Another misconception about suicide is that people think suicide is someone’s personal decision if they want to live they will and if they do not they can end their life at any time. A therapist can conduct different awareness sessions to make sure the general population understands the negative impact of suicide and how it can lead to the destruction of a society.

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