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How Do We Know Someone Is Having Mental Illness?

How to deal with someone having a mental disorder?

Mental illnesses are more common than we think, 1 in 5 people may suffer from some kind of mental illness at least once in their lives in the United States only. The number is serious in children and women.Most people never realize that they or someone around them might be …

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What is ADHD?Signs, Symptoms & Treatments

What is ADHD and ADD

What Is ADHD? What is the Defination of ADHD? Is ADHD A Medical Disorder? What kind of disability posed by ADD or ADHD? What is the most common mental disorder in children? What is the meaning of ADHD? ADHD or Attention Deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a behavior disorder found …

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Treatment For Bipolar

Treatments of bipolar disorder

Treatments of bipolar disorder-Treatment for Manic Depression: If you are someone experiencing extreme mood changes that disrupt your daily routine, you should always see a doctor. Your doctor will conduct a detailed physical exam and some lab tests, including urine and blood analysis to determine if these symptoms are not …

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20 Bipolar Depression Signs and Symptoms

Bipolar depression Signs and Symptoms

What are bipolar depression symptoms? What are the symptoms of bipolar disorder? What are bipolar depression symptoms? What is bipolar depression What are the symptoms of borderline personality disorder? These are all important questions which we need to know. In bipolar disorder, the patient’s mind will have two extreme poles/ …

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