Wednesday , July 18 2018
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8 weeks pregnant ultrasound

8 weeks pregnant ultrasound what to expect

Why 8 weeks’ ultrasound is important in future mother’s life? 8 weeks’ pregnancy ultrasound is very important as all major body organs of the baby starts developing at this stage. Though every day of pregnancy is very important in future mother’s life, week 6 has its unique importance.  Here is every …

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6 weeks pregnant ultrasound

6 weeks and 5 days pregnant ultrasound picture

6 weeks pregnant ultrasound — what you can see? First few months of pregnancy can be quite troubling for new mothers; their body is going through several changes – at the same time, they are worried whether their pregnancy is developing normally or have some complications such as chances of …

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How Much Folic Acid During Pregnancy

folic acid pregnancy dosage

Folic Acid for Healthy Pregnancy A Complete Guide Here Several studies show that women who consume enough folic acid before and during pregnancy can lower the risk of congenital fetal disabilities such as neural tube defect. Taking folic acid supplements every day is essential for women who are pregnant or …

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