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Cervical Mucus Early Pregnancy

What is cervical mucus.? and cervical mucus in early Pregnancy.

Cervical fluid (CF) or cervical mucus (CM) is a kind of fluid produced during the menstrual cycle of a female body by the crypts of the cervix. The fluid keeps changing throughout the menstrual cycle due to the changes occur in ovarian hormones.

Cervical mucus serves different purposes throughout the menstrual period from predicting ovulation and by controlling the sperm from getting inside the uterus.

Why is cervical mucus important?

Cervical mucus holds great importance in a women’s fertility cycle. It acts as an inner indicator and can predict when she is most fertile and sometimes pregnant by changing its texture.

  • Here is how and why cervical mucus should be checked on a regular basis?
  • How can it help women in knowing about their most fertile days?
  • How can cervical mucus help predict your most fertile days?

Cervical mucus changes during your menstrual cycle, and can indicate the presence and quantity of estrogen in your bloodstream (these changes can help you determine your fertility status).

Cervical mucus can act as an inside ovulation predictor, and in most cases, it provides more accurate results than basal body temperature.

The changes in cervical mucus occur several days before ovulation, giving an opportunity to women to plan intercourse for conception. (Read How Much Folic Acid During Pregnancy).

What is a cervix?

It is the neck of the uterus leading to a vagina, a kind of passage filled with crevices. In these small and remote places, the cervical mucus is produced and released. CM is considered as the gatekeeper of woman’s reproductive system, as a sperm released into vagina must swim through the cervix and cervical mucus.

If they are to fertilize the egg successfully, cervix and CM makes its passage down the fallopian tube.

Hormonal changes that occur during the menstrual cycle affect the amount, and thickness of CM.

In most cases, (the days when the CM consistency is very thick) CM acts as a hostile for the sperm. It protects the cervix chemically with white blood cells fighting the foreign bodies and mechanically acts as a plug to close the cervical canal.

How cervical mucus changes throughout the menstrual cycle?

Tracking your cervical mucus and its changes can help you determine when you are most fertile and can help in conception.

How to check cervical mucus?

Simply check the toilet paper after you wipe out or insert a clean finger into vagina reaching to the cervix (check CM after a bowel movement you will find more quantity).

Everyone experience a different set of cervical mucus; the purpose is to get sufficient amount of mucus that can give you an idea on the changes it is going through. And if, your cervical mucus does not help you predict your ovulation cycle, consider other ovulation predicting methods.

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