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Exercises For Pregnancy

Pregnancy exercises

Why is physical activity very important for a pregnant woman?

How to start exercising when pregnant?

What kind of exercise is safe during exercise?

What kind of exercises should be avoided during pregnancy?

Who should exercise?

Who should avoid exercise?

“Exercise regularly to live a healthy life” is a tried, tested and largely recommended formula of living a healthy and active life. However, when it comes to pregnancy women(just found out i am pregnant) becomes more conscious and often take “moving even a foot” for granted. There are many pregnant ladies who often criticized for being highly active, and out of no logical reasons, many are asked to stay at bed like they are suffering from an ailment.

However, according to many searches and health advice that women should keep active during pregnancy.

Maintaining a daily routine of exercise in all three trimesters can help in staying healthy. A good exercise not only keeps the overall health concerns in check but helps in avoiding discomforts of pregnancy, such as back pain, tiredness, etc.

Women who stay active during pregnancy stay safe from developing gestational diabetes (a type of diabetes that develop during pregnancy). Moreover, they stay active, suffer less from stress and have built the stamina needed for labor and delivery.

How To Start Exercising During Pregnancy?

For women who are physically active before pregnancy should keep their activity with little modifications after consulting their doctor. Althoug Healthy Food For Pregnancy is very Important but Some women may continue working at their formal levels after consulting with their doctors.Doctors recommend low-intensity aerobic exercises over high-intensity ones, as your heart rate should not exceed 140 beats per minutes.In case, you have never exercised before; you still can safely begin an exercise program after consulting with your health care provider.

Walking or swimming can be the safest options to start during pregnancy – never try strenuous activity as it may do more harm than good to you and your baby’s health.The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology advise 30 minutes or more of moderate exercise per day on daily basis or at least few days of the week unless you have a medical or other obstetric complication.

What Kind of Exercises Are Considered Safe During Pregnancy?

Except for high-intensity exercises, most exercises are marked safe during pregnancy, as long as they are done with care.However, some exercises are considered safe and productive such as brisk walking, swimming, low-impact aerobics, indoor stationary bicycling. These exercises are considered safe, carry least injury risks, consist on full body workout and can be continued until birth.Some women continue to play tennis and racquetball, but in last trimester change in balance during pregnancy may affect rapid movements.Moreover, it is recommended to do jogging and running in moderation. Especially in the third trimester, it is important to choose exercises that do not require maintaining body balance.

Wall Slide Exercise For Pregnancy

shoulder abduction For Pregnancy

Modified Push up for pregnancy
Thoracis Extension Exercise For PregnancyLunges Exercise For Pregnanct Women


Rowing Exercise For Pregnant Women


Heel raise For Pregnancy


Arm Slides on Wall ExerciseBiceps Curls For Pregnancy

What kind of exercises or physical activity should be avoided during pregnancy?

There are some activities that must be avoided during pregnancy, such as:

  •    Activities such as skiing and horseback riding where balance is disturbed.
  •    Holding breath during any activity.
  •    Sports activities where any contact may increase the risk of falling or getting hurt is increases, such softball, basketball, volleyball, and football.
  •    Any exercise that may include abdominal trauma, or jarring motions or sudden changes in direction, such as hopping, skipping, jumping or bouncing.
  •    Full sit-ups, double leg raises or any activity that disturb body balance, and hurt should be avoided.
  •    Bouncing, exercises that require laying on your back or right side for more than 3 minutes must be avoided.
  •    High-intensity exercises followed by long periods of no activity.
  •    Scuba diving, an exercise in hot or humid weather.Avoid Reverse Legs Lower Exercise in pregnancyQuiique Twrsts Exercise Avoid in PregnancyReverse Legs Lower Exercise Not For Pregnant WomenPilates 100 Avoid in PregnancyAll-Crunches-Not-For-Pregnancy

Who should avoid exercising?

Women with some medical problem, such as asthma, type II diabetes or heart disease should avoid exercise. Exercise must be avoided if you have following conditions:

Pregnant women with following medical issues should avoid aerobic exercises:

  •    Hemodynamically significant heart disease
  •    Incompetent cervix/cerclage
  •    Risk of premature labor
  •    Persistent bleeding in second or third trimester
  •    Placenta previa after 26 weeks of gestation
  •    Premature labor, raptured membranes
  •    Pregnancy induced hypertension/preeclampsia

Pregnant women should avoid aerobic exercise during pregnancy if they have conditions like:

  •    Uncontrolled or poorly controlled type 1 diabetes
  •    Severe anemia
  •    Chronic bronchitis
  •    Extreme morbid obesity
  •    Seizer disorder
  •    Intrauterine growth restriction in current pregnancy
  •    Poorly controlled hypertension or hyperthyroidism
  •    Orthopedic limitations
  •    smoker

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livehealthyalways conclusion:

Physical activity, low-intensity exercises are not only crucial to living a healthy life but for a pregnant woman too. Having physically active throughout the pregnancy period brings plenty of health benefits for both mother and the baby. However, like medications, it is important to consult the doctor and ask for a customized exercise plan or guidelines based on medical history.

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